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Existing 2021 Bookings

Important Information

What if I booked before Flexi-Breaks were launched for 2021?

The short video below explains what it means if you already booked before we launched 2021 Simply Stay Flexi-Breaks:

You're all booked in for 2021 to have a fabulous holiday at Devon Valley, with exciting plans to reopen Breakers Club, the Boathouse Restaurant and our indoor swimming pool.

At the same time, we know that offering the best possible price is going to be more important for our guests than ever next year. So, we asked ourselves: How can we offer flexibility, simplicity, and choice all in one for 2021 at the best possible price?

The answer is that for all new bookings, the new low prices you see online are for your accommodation only, and you can enhance your experience with optional swimming and/or entertainment passes. Not only that, but you can arrive on any day of the week. You can pick and mix to create the exact holiday you desire.

As a result, a new booking may now be better value than the holiday you originally booked. Obviously, we wouldn't want you to miss out on any potential savings.

Your same holiday may now be cheaper

By converting to a new 2021 Simply Stay Flexi-Break, even adding swimming and entertainment passes, your holiday cost might be cheaper.

Please follow the link below to request a conversion to a Flexi-Break. You'll be asked if you want swimming passes, entertainment passes, or neither!

We'll get back to you swiftly with the new Flexi-Break price, and you can decide if you wish to convert.

Request a Quote

Why do I have to request the quote?
We are asking you to request the quote, as we need to know which passes, if any, you desire.

What if I don't convert?

If you choose not to, then no problem. Your booking will remain exactly as it is, meaning that swimming pool and entertainment passes are included in the price of your accommodation.

Don't forget that you're under no obligation to accept the conversion, and you can keep your booking as it is.

Whatever you decide, rest assured you'll have a wonderful time with us at Devon Valley.

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