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How Flexi-Breaks work

Stay your own way

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Decisions, decisions...

Unlike traditional holiday park breaks, you can book to arrive on any day of the week and stay any number of nights from 3 and up. Need to arrive on a Sunday? We don't mind. Only want 6 nights instead of a full week? You're the boss!

With so much flexibility, there are literally thousands of possible holiday combinations available to book. The choice is all yours.

Quiet retreat or all-out fun?

If you noticed that our holiday prices are surprisingly great value, that's because the cost you see is the price of your accommodation only. Traditionally, the price of your break would have included access to swimming and entertainment, but we think you should be in control of your exact holiday desires.

Are you a family of keen swimmers, but you're not fussed by the entertainment? Or maybe the other way round? We're all different, so we let you tailor your holiday to suit you.

So if you want to swim, be entertained, have it all, or just want a quiet retreat, there's an option for everyone!

Passes are available for the swimming pool and entertainment at Breakers Club. Choose your option(s) when you book or call us at any time to amend your reservation after booking.

What specifically do I need a pass for?

To access the indoor swimming pool and/or Breakers Club, you'll need to add one or both of these options onto your booking. You can do this at the point of booking or any time afterwards using the MyHoliday web app. You'll get your passes when you arrive. You do not need a pass for the Boathouse restaurant and pub. Please follow the link below for full details.

Further info on club/pool access

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