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We have (hopefully ) fixed the glitch with our first batch of email updates. We are sorry for the delay - you should receive your email very soon if you have not already done so. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
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We Are Temporarily Closed due to Government Guidelines

If You Already Have a Booking For 2020

If you booked for 2020 before 29th May 2020, your existing holiday has been put on hold. In the meantime, you have options available to you. 2021 holidays are not affected.

Booking Made Via Convert to Simply Stay Flexi-Break Transfer To 2021 Holiday Voucher Refund
Directly with us Yes Click Here Yes Click Here Yes Click Here Yes Click Here
Hoseasons See Hoseasons for your options
Sun Holidays or other newspaper No Yes Click Here No Yes Click Here
Breakfree No Yes Click Here No Yes Click Here
Booking.com No No No Yes
As per the email or letter you received (or will receive soon), please make your choice by 30th June 2020

Convert to Simply Stay Flexi-Break

We can convert your existing booking to a Simply Stay Flexi-Break. We'll make sure you don't pay any more for your accommodation than you would if you made a new Flexi-Break booking. This means you'll be more than likely be eligible for a discount or refund, but you can decide whether you wish to go ahead after we've give you a new quote.

Request Conversion (Direct Bookings)

Transfer to 2021

Transferring to 2021 is free of charge, and you keep this year's prices plus any discounts as long you retain the equivalent date in 2021.

Request Transfer (Direct Bookings) Request Transfer (Newspaper Bookings)

Get a Holiday Voucher For 2021

If you're unsure of your dates, you can get a Holiday Voucher instead. It's valid for 12 months to use against a new booking in 2021 with us. We'll give you £50 of bonus credit, too!

Request Holiday Voucher (Direct Bookings)

Get a Refund

Of course, you can also request a refund instead if none of the above options are suitable for you.

Request Refund (Direct Bookings) Request Refund (Newspaper Bookings)

Your Common Questions

Why are you closing earlier than usual in 2020?

As the impact of COVID-19 has been significant for everyone, not least for the hospitality industry, we have had to adapt the way we operate in 2020 in order to offer our guests the experience and value for money that they deserve.

For over 25 years, we've prided ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of affordable holidays. Since we have now significantly reduced our accommodation hire charges for the summer months in order to continue to represent good value, we are no longer in a position to offer holidays for autumn 2020.

Usually, we could subsidise holidays later in the year by having a full season's trading.

We were due to open at the end of March after having invested large amounts of money over the winter in improvements to our Holiday Village, and we have now lost nearly half our trading season. In addition, the closure of our facilities during our shortened season represents a large financial impact that could not be recuperated from accommodation alone.

Please appreciate that this decision will ensure that we can return to our traditional DV Holidays from 2021.

Why aren't you reopening the facilities in 2020?

If/when government guidelines change to permit restaurants, bars, clubs, swimming pools, etc. to reopen, the necessary social distancing and safeguarding measures that will be required will still have a significant impact on how we would deliver these services - and, in turn, our guests' experience.

As a result, considering the uncertain outlook coupled with the essential need to provide a safe environment, we wanted to be honest with our valued guests, as we do not believe that the value for money and experience during such challenging times would match your expectations.

We have, therefore, taken the sad decision to keep our facilities closed for the duration of the 2020 season. However, this does allow us to offer our guests a significant saving versus our usual tariffs.

What is happening with my newspaper promotional booking?

The holiday product that you originally booked through the newspaper promoter is not a product we can provide for the 2020 season. The change in the way we operate has affected all our bookings, regardless of the agent they booked through.

However, you may well be wondering why we notified you about your booking this far in advance.

Under normal circumstances, we are able to offer newspaper promotional bookings at such low-cost rates as they are subsidised by direct bookings and income from our facilities. Since this revenue will not be available to us in 2020 (and we have lost almost half our season), in the current climate, we are unable to offer this type of holiday this year.

Therefore, we can offer you the opportunity to move your booking to 2021 or request a full refund. If you already moved your booking to a later date in 2020, then you can choose either your original arrival date or the one you transferred to.

Please request your transfer to 2021 by 30th June 2020.

How long will the refund take if I request one?
We'll be processing in arrival date order. We will have completed all requested refunds for 2020 by 31st July 2020. For newspaper promotional bookings, the accommodation portion of your booking will be refunded by the promoter (Sun or Breakfree), so this timescale only applies to extras paid directly to us.
What happens in 2021?
It is absolutely our intention to resume service as usual in 2021!
Do you know for definite when you'll reopen?
No, but we can make fair assessments based on the information available. We will only open when the government guidelines allow and when we are 100% confident we can provide a safe environment for all our guests and DV Team. Rest assured that if we were unable to open on your arrival date, then you would be offered a refund.

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