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Risk Assessment Result

Bars and Catering - COVID-19

First assessed: Thu 25th Jun 2020. Last updated: Mon 12th Apr 2021.

We identified the following hazards
  1. Contamination of surfaces with the virus
  2. Coughing/sneezing
  3. Close proximity between persons (e.g. waiting on tables)
  4. Cash handling
  5. Glass hygiene
  6. Proximity of tables
  7. Pot wash
  8. Surfaces (bar, door handles, rails, tables, glass, seats)
  9. Toilet and baby change facilities
We identified the following risks
  1. Contraction of disease
  2. Transmission of disease
  3. Interruption of business operation
We identified the following persons at risk
  1. Staff
  2. Guests
  3. Holiday home owners
  4. Contractors/subcontractors
  5. Visitors
  6. Caravan sales partners
  7. Local authority officials (EHO etc.)
We have put the following hazard controls in place
  1. Only table service is provided
  2. Only outdoor seating is provided, with tables appropriately spaced to allow social distancing
  3. NHS Test and Trace QR code is displayed, requesting guests to check in
  4. Masks are required when on the decking area or inside the restaurant building, except when at a table
  5. Staff are required to wear masks when on duty
  6. Prominent signage is displayed to remind guests to wear a mask, maintain social distance, and regularly wash hands
  7. Multiple hand sanitiser points are available by the entrance/exit
  8. Glassware and other utensils are cleaned using professional chemicals in a commercial dishwasher
  9. Contactless payment methods are provided and preferred
  10. Frequent touch points, e.g. hand rails, handles, and chair arms, are regularly sanitised
  11. Tables are regularly sanitised
  12. Toilet facilities are regularly cleaned
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