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Risk Assessment Result

Maintenance - COVID-19

First assessed: Thu 25th Jun 2020. Last updated: Tue 30th Jun 2020.

We identified the following hazards
  1. Contamination of surfaces with the virus
  2. Coughing/sneezing
  3. Close proximity between persons
We identified the following risks
  1. Contraction of disease
  2. Transmission of disease
  3. Interruption of business operation
We identified the following persons at risk
  1. Staff
  2. Guests
  3. Holiday home owners
We have put the following hazard controls in place
  1. Staff are made aware of risks and prevention measures (training given and recorded)
  2. Each member of staff is to record their temperature in the file provided using a contact-free infrared thermometer prior to the commencement of work. IPA 70% alcohol wipes are provided to sanitise the thermometer after usage.
  3. We have identified staff members who are more susceptable to disease
  4. Since each workday's tasks can vary greatly, daily team briefings are held to discuss the safety protocols to be followed
  5. Team members are instructed in safe working procedures, such as social distancing and hand sanitizing procedures
  6. Clean, suitable work clothes are worn on a daily basis
  7. Hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance to the Maintenance Workshop
  8. Breaks are staggered so that social distancing can be maintained whilst resting. During breaks, staff are instructed to use the same chair and location each time.
  9. Wherever possible, all staff use their own tools. Any shared tools are sanitised with IPA 70% alcohol wipes upon return.
  10. Only one person may use a company vehicle at any one time
  11. In addition to the standard Maintenance PPE, disposable face masks, disposable gloves, reusable face coverings, and hand sanitizer are provided
  12. Staff are instructed to use the reusable face covering when a person (guests, colleague, or otherwise) approaches, whilst maintaining a social distance
  13. When called out to maintain an occupied holiday let, facemask and gloves must be worn
  14. Guests occupying an accommodation must be asked to either vacate or go into a different room whilst the maintenance task is performed
  15. Once the maintenance task in an occupied accommodation is completed, all surfaces that the member of staff has come into contact with are wiped down using IPA 70% alcohol wipes, including the door handle as the staff member leaves the accommodation
  16. Any debris creatd during the maintenance process, including disposable gloves or other PPE, should be double bagged for disposal
  17. Hand sanitizer is to be used before entering the vehicle to reduce the risk of transmission of disease via the door handles or interior surfaces
  18. Upon any return to the Maintenance Workshop, hands are to be washed thoroughly using soap and water
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