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Risk Assessment Result

Housekeeping - COVID-19

First assessed: Thu 25th Jun 2020. Last updated: Thu 2nd Jul 2020.

We identified the following hazards
  1. Contamination of surfaces with the virus
  2. Coughing/sneezing
  3. Close proximity between persons
We identified the following risks
  1. Contraction of disease
  2. Transmission of disease
  3. Interruption of business operation
We identified the following persons at risk
  1. Staff
  2. Guests
  3. Holiday home owners
We have put the following hazard controls in place
  1. Staff are made aware of risks and prevention measures (training given and recorded)
  2. Houskeeping staff to arrive at staggered times in smaller teams
  3. Each member of staff is to record their temperature in the file provided using a contact-free infrared thermometer prior to the commencement of work. IPA 70% alcohol wipes are provided to sanitise the thermometer after usage.
  4. Cleaners are not permitted to enter the Houskeeping Store; this area is reserved for the Housekeeping Manager and Housekeeping Assistant.
  5. All cleaners are to enter the Housekeeping Yard via the rear wooden gate and remain outside before commencing cleaning duties. A marquee is provided for shelter.
  6. Cleaning materials and equipment are provided in dedicated trolleys for each cleaner
  7. Each cleaner is only permitted to handle their own assigned equipment
  8. Upon return of the trolley, the contents are sanitised and replenished by the Housekeeping Manager, who will wear the provided PPE
  9. Welfare facilities are provided in an exterior sheltered area, including a kettle, cold drinks, and disposable paper cups
  10. All PPE is provided free of charge and must be worn by Housekeeping staff when carrying out tasks that require them
  11. Before entering the unit, cleaners must apply a facemask, disposable gloves, and disposable apron
  12. Anti-viral cleaning products will be used
  13. IPA 70% alcohol wipes will be used on touch-points (handles/switches)
  14. The PPE must be worn during the entire cleaning process
  15. Upon entering the unit, cleaners must ensure that all windows are open to provide adequate ventilation
  16. Two hours have been allowed to clean a single unit, and it has been clearly communicated to all Housekeeping staff that there are no time pressures to release a unit
  17. All items left in the accommodation by a guest (leftover food, clothing, etc.) are to be double bagged in yellow binliners and disposed of
  18. Upon leaving the accommodation after cleaning, cleaners must safely dispose of their single-use PPE
  19. Upon completion of cleaning, the unit will be Sanitised or fogged to ensure it is fully sanitised before being released to the guest
  20. The unit will be left well ventilated after fogging, and 1 hour will elapse before the unit can be released as 'cleaned and checked'
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