Disability Access Statement

The Devon Valley Management Team are committed to improving access to accommodation, facilities and information at all of our Holiday Centres to enable guests with disabilities to benefit fully from their holiday experience.

We aim to:

1. Take reasonable steps to change practices, policies or procedures that make it impossible or unreasonably difficult for disabled guests to use a service.

2. Provide a reasonable alternative method of making a service in question available to you.

3. Train our team members to increase their awareness of the Disability Discrimination Act and how they can deliver an improved service to disabled holiday guests.

4. Train our Centre Management in the 'Welcome All' initiative endorsed by the English Tourist Board.

5. Take into account any identified needs or feedback suggestions that may assist disabled persons when develop new products and services, this supported by a rolling plan that clearly sets out our commitment to improving disabled access for the future.

6. Provide auxiliary aids or services that would enable disabled persons to use a service.

We recognise that disabled persons are not commonly wheelchair users and that disabilities come in all shapes and sizes. We would like to invite our disabled holiday guests to comment on our services and facilities and give their view of how we could take reasonable steps to overcome physical and mental barriers. Your comments will be listened to most positively and may be used when we chart our course for the future developments at our Holiday Villages.

Gail Massey
Managing Director

Absolutely amazing place to stay. The staff, park and everything was brilliant. The kids loved the whole place. Already booked for next year.

Mark Wilson - Facebook - August 2017