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Captain DV

Our Very Own Superhero!


Clumsy Captain DV ended up at Devon Valley when his transponder broke and got his destination all muddled up - completely backwards, in fact!

He says he's still trying to fix his transponder to go home, but we think he probably likes it so much here with us at Devon Valley that he's not in too much of a rush!

He loves showing off his space moves and doing party dances with the DV Rangers - come and join in the fun!

Captain DV Fact File

Earth Name: Eric

Age: 9 Earth years

Status: Devon Valley Superhero

Planet of Origin: Noved

Place of Origin: Yellav

Favourite Food: Rice and Spacey Curly Fries

Favourite Drink: Slush Puppy

Likes: Sleep, DV Rangers, Playing Games, and Making New Friends

Dislikes: Zorg (Arch Enemy) and Getting Out of Bed

Current Location: Secret Lab at Devon Valley

Hobbies: Fixing Things (apparently)

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