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Morris Minor

The Indisputable Leader Of The Gang!

He's Naughty But Nice!

Cheeky Morris Minor is on hand to add some holiday magic for the DV Rangers - and grown-ups, too! What's Morris been up to, and how much mischieve can he cause in one day? Find out at Breakers Club! Morris loves party dances and games - will you join in the fun?

Morris Facts

Age: 8

Nickname: Mo (but close friends get to call him MM!)

Type of animal: Yessam

From: Yessamville, Australia

Home: Morris Cottage, Devon Valley

Favourite Food: Pizza, of course!

Favourite Drink: Slush Puppy

Likes: Sleep, Making New Friends, and Dancing

Dislikes: Sneaky Pete (Arch Enemy)

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Millie Minor

Morris's sister Millie is sometimes a little shy, but you may be lucky enough to meet her whilst staying with us!

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