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Birthday Wishes

From Morris Minor

How Does It Work?

Here, you can sign up for a free birthday wish by email from Morris Minor!

Simply enter your name, your birthday, and the email address you'd like the birthday wishes sent to.

You can use the same email address for multiple names and birthdays - just fill in the form as many times as you need.

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Morris will send you a message each year, but you can always unsubscribe below.

PS: If your birthday is today, we can't guarantee Morris will see your request in time to send you a message.
Your submission will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Your subscription to Morris's Birthday Wishes does not affect your other marketing preferences, if you have set any. We will not share the information you submit with anyone else. You can unsubscribe at any time.

How Do I Unsubscribe?

Simply enter the email address below that you wish to unsubscribe from Morris's Birthday Wishes. We will unsubscribe all names and birthdays associated with that email address.

You can always use the form above to resubscribe in the future.

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