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Could Your Holiday Snaps Feature?

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This news story has been archived as it is now considered historical, although it may be of interest to you. However, please do not rely on the accuracy of any information in the article, as it will no longer be updated.

It’s that time our year again when our in-house marketing team is busy preparing our 2020 Holiday Brochure. For the past few years, we have featured some of our guests’ best holiday photos from during their stay, and we’ve loved showcasing your holiday memories.

If you’re a previous guest of ours, we’re sure you’ve captured your memorable holiday moments on camera, and we’d love to invite you to send us your best shots that we may select to feature in our 2020 Holiday Brochure!*

What should my photos be of?
Your photos could be of you, your friends, and family enjoying: Our park, facilities, or entertainment * South Devon’s award winning attractions * Fantastic local events * Beautiful nearby beaches * Our pretty towns and villages

How do I send my photos?
You can send an email to brochure2020@devonvalleyholidays.co.uk.
For single photos, you could send it as an attachment. For larger files or batches of photos, please send us a download link. You could use a service such as WeTransfer, or share your photos via OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

p(small).Please ensure that you use the email address above when sending/sharing links with us. Please also make sure, where possible, that you send us the original file at full size (i.e. not compressed or shrunk down), as there are minimum qualities required for printed materials.

Where will you use my photos?
We may select your photo(s) to use in our holiday brochures, on our website, in email marketing, or in other marketing materials. This may include our booking agents. Please also see the important points below.

We look forward to receiving your holiday photos!

Just a few important points!
The photo(s) must be your own, or you must have permission from the owner to use it. For photos with groups of people, please ensure that you know everyone in the photo, and that you have permission from all of them to send it to us. Please do not send photos that feature identifiable person(s) who you do not know. Sending us your photo(s) does not guarantee that it/they will be chosen/used in our materials. You grant us permission to use your material in perpetuity for marketing purposes in our brochure, online, and in emails, which may also extend to our booking agents or partners. If you wish for us to no longer use your photograph, please get in touch with us and tell us where it is featured so that we can discuss its removal.

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