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Find your way around Devon Valley Holiday Village. If you would like to guarantee a specific holiday home number, or you have special requirements, then please contact our Guest Services Team on 0344 557 5100 to check availability. A small charge may apply to guarantee a certain number.

We've also added an accessible list of accommodation numbers if you experience difficulty in reading the map below.

Devon Valley Park Map Download Printable Version

Accessible Information

If you have difficulty in reading or interpreting the map above, then you may find the table below useful:

Type of accommodation Numbers
Clipper Bronze Chalet D1 to D14 (except D3, D4, and D13)
Topper Bronze Chalet C47 to C65 (except C58 and C60)
Beamer Gold Chalet D3, D4, and D13
Sloop Bronze Chalet A7, A8, A11, A14, A16 to A21, A35, A36, A39 to A42, and A44
Mariner Gold Chalet C58 and C60
Schooner Silver Chalet A1 to A6, A9, A10, A15, A22, A23, A26, A37, A38, A43, and A45.
Galleon Silver Chalet F1 to F7
Cutter Platinum Chalet A24 to A34 (except A26)
Admiral Gold Chalet A12
Shaldon Saver Caravan V108A, V113, V119A, and V120
Shaldon Bronze Caravan T301 to T315, V101 to V108, and V109 to V112A
Shaldon Silver Caravan V114 to V119
Otter Mobility Bronze Caravan FW14
Otter Silver Caravan R201 to R208
Cranmere Gold Caravan R213 to R221
Armada Platinum Caravan R209 to R212, R229, and R230
Waverley Platinum Caravan R234 to R241
Mayflower Platinum Caravan FW1
Commodore Gold Caravan R223 to R228
Discovery Platinum Caravan R231 to R233

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